Why to be careful what you “like,” featuring RGIII

Alright, so this one isn’t a political fail at all, but it’s still a very important lesson for public officials on social media – and really anyone.  The lesson is this: Be careful what you like.

Robert Griffin III is a quarterback for the Washington Redskins who was recently demoted to backup after a variety of issues pertaining to performance, relationship building and accusations of immaturity.  This decision, of course, was not appreciated by some Redskins fans, who naturally took to social media to blast their team.  One such example was on Instagram:

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As a Skins Fan I'm disappointed in the way my team used this mans talent and potential to do nothing but raise hopes and make a profit. I don't regret the skins grabbing RG, I do regret having a sorry ass team owner and sorry ass front office who couldn't put a winning coaching staff together who could actually compete for a super bowl. Griffin does not deserve the blame or bad rap, the man has gone above and beyond since day one to the point of injury, while at the same time being a role model of a person. The Redskins let him fall and did not help him get up. No matter if he's a starter, back up, or played for another team I will always respect and be a fan of RG3. #HTTR #Loyalty #ImpeachDanSnyder #Redskins #redskinsnation #DC #NFL @rgiii @espn @nfl

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Strong words, but from a fan, where words like this are a dime a dozen (that’s not a criticism, that’s just a sports fact).  So, what’s the problem?

RGIII liked the post.  And, given the wording which bashed the Redskins management and ownership, that was not a good idea.

In a followup post on Instagram, RGIII “set the record straight,” and used an old standby – he blamed the intern:

Well, who knows, that may very well be the case.  Regardless, a silly mistake by an organization which is currently swamped with disaster upon disaster, which most recently included the wife of Scot McCloughan, Redskins General Manager, directly obscene tweets to a reporter.

The lesson?  You have to be so careful on social media that you need to even watch what you like, as these clicks can easily come back to haunt you.