Ways to make Donald Trump seem sympathetic: Compare him to the Charleston shooter

Donald Trump recently started a war of words with Univision, the Spanish television station.  The dispute started with Trump’s presidential announcement, when Trump called Mexicans “rapists,” among other insults. Univision, which had previously hosted the Miss USA pageant (which is partially owned by Trump), responded by cancelling it’s agreement to air the pageant, specifically sighting Trump’s racist comments.  From there, Trump said that no Univision staffer would be allowed to use Trump’s golf course in Miami.  Univision responded by saying that employees should not stay in Trump properties while on company business.

In true Trump fashion, Trump also took to Twitter to blast the company:

Alright, fine, we’ve got us some corporate warfare going on here.  That warfare accelerated last week, when Univision President Alberto Ciurana made this post to Instagram:


The picture on the left, of course, is of Trump.  The picture on the right is Dylann Storm Roof, the man arrested for killing nine people in Charleston.

Not the swiftest post to make, to say the least.

Ciurana removed the post and apologized:

Trump accepted the apology and pledged to work with Univision in the future in order to gain a better understanding of Hispanic issues…haha, just kidding, he explicitly said “Apology not accepted” and said he was going to sue the network for defamation:

“Well, I think it’s disgraceful. I think he should be ashamed of himself.  He immediately deleted it and the lawyers are going to have a field day.”

Until this post, Univision could, very legitimately, claim the high ground in this fight with Trump.  That changed the moment Ciurana made this post.  It was, of course, exceedingly stupid.  Attacking a public figure – and a bafoon – like Trump, is one thing, but you cannot compare him to a deranged racist who murdered nine people.  This was very stupid.  Ciurana probably let his emotions get the better of him.  Please remember: Think before you post!

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