Hillary Clinton campaign tweet gets shortened in most unfortunate way possible

Last week, the former Secretary and Presidential candidate sent out this tweet:

Okay, fine, it’s an article which shows that her campaign spends a small fortune on pizza. ¬†Anyone who’s ever worked on a campaign can give a knowing laugh about that one: Every campaign is powered on pizza and donuts.

That being said, the last¬†words of the tweet are “pizza, analysis shows.” ¬†However, as noted by this Buzzfeed article, when mobile users saw a preview of the link, it looked like this:

Hillary Clinton Shortened Tweet

That…that is not¬†what the Clinton¬†campaign had in mind. ¬†That’s just not¬†good.

Is there anything that could have been done about this one? ¬†Well, it does show that you always need to check the preview of any tweet before sending it. ¬†This isn’t the first time¬†an error like this has¬†occurred either: Last year, an automatic tweet, sent by South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s Instagram account, said, “We will no longer educate children…

This does go to show the dangers of too much automation, and why you should always check your tweets before you send them.

donald trump

Donald Trump using Nazi imagery on Twitter…again!

Wow. ¬†Just wow. ¬†I…just wow.

Last week, Donald Trump sent out this astounding retweet:

Trump Retweet

The tweet was deleted, but wowzers.  Among the items it contains:

  • A swastika next to Jeb Bush.
  • Numerous¬†stereotypes about Hispanics.

Trump’s team said, “This was retweeted by Mr. Trump like hundreds of others. He did not see the accompanying image and the retweet has since been deleted.” ¬†That’s all well and good, but did he also miss the reference to Jeb Bush as “JOSE”? ¬†Come on. ¬†Is anyone minding the store over there?

At this point, I honestly cannot figure out if Trump’s¬†social media team is incompetent, or if he does this intentionally as a way of getting attention. ¬†To review, here’s a list of the¬†stupid and offensive things that Donald Trump does on¬†social media. ¬†This includes:

I think we all know what Trump should say to his social media team: You’re fired!

Tweets and Consequences

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donald trump

Donald Trump uses Twitter to call Iowa voters brain-dead

Donald Trump isn’t shy, and he’s had a grand old time insulting pretty much¬†every minority group under the sun. ¬†In a pathetic commentary about¬†humanity, this¬†tactic has only caused his¬†poll¬†numbers to rise. ¬†However, he’s yet to insult an entire state whose votes he needs, and the other day on Twitter, that is exactly what happened, when Trump retweeted the following:

Trump Iowa Tweet

By way of explanation: The latest polls have Dr. Ben Carson leading in Iowa.  So, Donald Trump retweeted this tweet, which pretty much implies that Iowa voters have brain damage.

Regardless, that tweet was deleted and replaced with this:

Gotta love the old “young intern” excuse – after all, Trump’s campaign has used it before. ¬†It’s also a load of crap – there is no way that the current Republican front-runner allows an¬†intern to have control over the Twitter account. ¬†And, if they do, everyone¬†involved should be fired. ¬†This isn’t some campaign for Borough Council. Mr. Trump is currently the front runner for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. ¬†No one should have access to the Twitter account except professionals.

That being said, Trump’s campaign strategy is, of course, to be as controversial and provocative as possible. ¬†Did his campaign actually decide¬†that there is a limit to how insulting he can be, and that insulting voters directly is a bad call?

One additional note: This isn’t the first time a¬†campaign has gotten into hot water for insulting Iowa or the Iowa caucuses. ¬†A¬†then-staffer for¬†Wisconsin Governor Walker’s campaign, Liz Mair, took to Twitter to attack the status of¬†the Iowa caucuses, and was promptly forced to resign.

At the rate we are going, I may have a new book out shortly, dedicated entirely to the stupid things that Donald Trump has said and done on Twitter. ¬†Sigh. ¬†Speaking of the book….

Tweets and Consequences

Like the blog?  Get the book!  Tweets and Consequences: 60 Social Media Disasters in Politics and How You Can Avoid A Career-Ending Mistake is now available on Amazon for purchase or download.

Texas State Representative tweets that Senator Bernie Sanders is a Nazi

I’ve always been a believer that, if you are throwing around the craziest comparisons imaginable, you are clearly losing the debate. ¬†That basic idea gets magnified when you compare your political opponents to Hitler or Nazis, a debate tactic so tested that it actually has a name: Reductio ad Hitlerum.

The latest utilizer of this strategy is Texas State Representative Jason Villalba, who, during the Democratic Presidential debate, tweeted:


The “facts”¬†are¬†blatantly false and were¬†thoroughly debunked¬†by a PolitiFact article, which noted that there is¬†absolutely zero alignment between what¬†Senator Sanders defined as his version of¬†Democratic Socialism and the political views as practiced by the Nazis. ¬†Oh, and don’t forget, Senator Sanders is Jewish, and the Nazis, you know,¬†tried to¬†exterminate¬†the¬†Jews from the face of the planet. ¬†

In a later interview when discussing the tweet, Representative Villalba said,

“So is the history accurate in this? Of course not. Look, was I trying to make a connection between Sanders and the Nazi party? Absolutely not. I categorically reject any suggestion that that¬† is what I was intending to do. It was meant¬† just to point out that the Democratic Party, as we understand them today and as they were going through their debate, have exhibited a level of left-wing social engineering that we haven‚Äôt seen in our country in decades.”

The stupid.  It burns.

It’s worth noting that Representative Villalba has gotten into hot water for stupidity on social media before,¬†having previously deleted angry Tweets and Facebook updates which were way over the top.

Someone really needs to take the phone away from this man. ¬†For the love of God, don’t say anything on social media unless you mean it. ¬†The old “Well, I tweeted it, but that doesn’t mean it’s true!” line doesn’t hold¬†water. ¬†Of course any reasonable, logical person would assume this is what you meant – and, frankly, I think the Representative is blatantly lying here…you don’t call someone a Nazi just for the heck of it.


Tweets and Consequences

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NY Times Reporter tweets “F*ck you” at Jeb Bush

Reporters and media employees should be unbiased and objective.  Cursing at a Presidential candidate, via Twitter, is not a good way of proving your skills in that arena. Yet, that is exactly what NY Times News Assistant Philip Richardson did last week:

Philip Richardson tweet


The tweet occured as Jeb Bush was in New Hampshire, speaking on poverty, and commented that stronger families are necessary to defeat poverty.

The Bush campaign jumped on the tweet, with spokesman Tim Miller tweeting:

In a statements, a Times spokesperson said:

‚ÄúThis tweet was completely inappropriate. Philip Richardson is a news assistant on The Times‚Äôs clerical staff, assigned to the photo desk. He is not a reporter or editor and is not involved in political coverage. Nevertheless, tweets like this are inappropriate for any Times newsroom staffer, and managers will take the necessary steps to deal with the situation.‚ÄĚ

Incidentally, previous¬†to this incident, Richardson identified himself as a Times employee in his Twitter bio. ¬†However, his Twitter bio now reads, “Visual and Social Media. Writer/Blogger/Producer.” ¬†That’s not to say that he is no longer with the Times, but at the very least, he did remove his affiliation from his personal twitter profile.

The conclusion:¬†If you are in¬†the¬†media, don’t take to Twitter to curse off Presidential candidates. ¬†I thought we had established that one a few months ago, but I guess not.

Tweets and Consequences

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Twitter Government Guide

Twitter releases handbook for governments & politicians

A few years too late, Twitter has released a 137 page¬†handbook for governmental and political users. ¬†In giving it the once over, it’s a very extensive document which reviews a variety of areas on Twitter, including:

  • Persuasion
  • Rapid response
  • Mobilization
  • Tracking
  • Ad products

Twitter’s landing page for the document highlights the guide’s review of three specific areas: Content strategies, Advanced Twitter tools and Twitter basics.

Many users are making fun of the document, though I’ll be honest: By and large, this is a pretty good document, and I don’t get why people think its funny. ¬†It is a little long, however, and if you think the average governmental user has time to review a 137 page document, you are nuts. ¬†Twitter should release a shorter version that gives an overall outline of the document. ¬†I’ll also add that this document would have been a heck of a lot more useful if it had been released when Twitter¬†was first starting out…and who knows? ¬†Maybe it would have stopped a few people…or more than a few people…from appearing on this blog!

That being¬†said, the information contained in the document is very useful. ¬†The items discussed in it can provide a ton of insight, for new and experienced users, about the best ways that they can use Twitter. ¬†If you have a chance, check it out and at least give the document an overview…you won’t be disappointed!

Rand Paul

Eight whole people endorsed Rand Paul for President!

A poorly worded tweet has landed Rand Paul’s Presidential campaign in the blog. ¬†First, here’s the tweet:

The issue? ¬†The use of the word “the.” ¬†Had Paul said “See 8¬†of the¬†people…”¬†I don’t think¬†anyone would have¬†blinked at this quote. ¬†However, by saying “See the 8 people,” Paul’s tweet makes it sound like these are the only 8 people, anywhere, who have endorsed his campaign. ¬†Combined this tweet with Paul’s¬†flagging poll numbers, and you get the distinct impression that this, in fact, might be the only eight people who have endorsed his campaign!

Other Twitter users, of course, were quick to jump on Paul for the tweet:

Other news stories also jumped on Paul’s campaign for the tweet.

The list itself featured six Congressmen, Paul’s father (former Congressman Ron Paul) and Ultimate Fighting Championship Hall of Famer Pat Miletich. ¬†It’s good that Paul’s Dad endorsed him. ¬†That’s a start.

The lesson here is that you have to be so, so careful with how you word your tweets. ¬†Had Paul just tweaked the wording of these tweets a little bit, there’d be no problem. ¬†But, with the tweet being phrased as it was, it got him¬†a¬†decent amount of negative attention. ¬†On Twitter, every word counts. ¬†Paul’s campaign just found that one out the hard way.

Tweets and Consequences

Like the blog?  Get the book!  Tweets and Consequences: 60 Social Media Disasters in Politics and How You Can Avoid A Career-Ending Mistake is now available on Amazon for purchase or download.