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Trump tweet implies Paris is in Germany

This is a bit of a weird one.  I say weird because I find myself in the unlikely position of interpreting a tweet sent by Donald Trump in a more positive light than others.  Yep.  That’s weird.

Anyways: Last week, in light of a series of crimes occurring in Paris, Donald Trump tweeted out the following:


As you can see, the tweet mentions Paris, then Germany.  A possible interpretation of this tweet is that Mr. Trump thinks that Paris IS IN Germany…which, of course, it isn’t.  And that is exactly how Trump’s opponents took the tweet:


The tweet also inspired a variety of news stories and briefly made #ParisIsInGermany a trending topic on Twitter.

My opinion?  This was a poorly worded tweet.  Donald Trump is many things, but I don’t think he – or anyone on his campaign – really thinks Paris is in Germany.  Germany has had a spike in violence, including as many as 80 sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, and that is likely what Mr. Trump was referring to.  However, the phrasing of the tweet – which is obviously condensed by the 140 character limitation – lent itself to the interpretation that Mr. Trump thinks Paris is in Germany.

The lesson here? Careful with how you tweet things.  Again, I don’t think the Trump campaign was saying that they think Paris is in Germany, but you always have to be careful with how you phrase your tweets.  As frequent readers of this blog know, you can do a lot of damage in 140 characters or less, and your political opponents certainly won’t give you the benefit of the doubt.  Don’t make anything easy for them.

Carly Fiorina sets new low for pandering: Roots against her alma mater in Rose Bowl

Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina is a Stanford graduate.  As such, yesterday should have been a big day for her, since the Stanford Cardinals were playing the Iowa Hawkeyes in the Rose Bowl, one of College football’s biggest games.

However, given the upcoming Iowa Caucuses, Mrs. Fiorina switched loyalties:

The internet, of course, wasn’t having it:

This is a fail on so many levels.  First, as the responses showed, it’s just so blatant: The pandering is so, so clear.  Second, it is incredibly insulting.  Does Mrs. Fiorina – or her campaign – truly think that Iowa voters are so stupid that they can be manipulated into voting for someone, not based on their policy positions or experience, but because of their loyalty to a football team?  Third, it was so unforced.  It’s not as if the average Iowa voter was sitting down, thinking, “Gee, when is Mrs. Fiorina going to weigh in on who is going to win the Rose Bowl?  I simply must know her position before I cast my vote!”

Incidentally, Stanford obliterated Iowa, winning 45-16.  This, of course, spawned a new hashtag on Twitter: #CarlyCurse, in which fans blamed Iowa’s loss on Mrs. Fiorina.

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Donald Trump adviser shares hateful – and false – video

An adviser Donald Trump makes the blog today, as opposed to Trump himself.  The issue in question is this tweet, sent by Daniel Scavino, a senior adviser to Mr. Trump:

That’s a pretty damning video, which, if true, would seem to buttress the arguments made by Trump about rejecting Syrian refugees.  That being said, here’s the thing: It’s a complete and total lie.  As noted by Buzzfeed, the video “actually shows Salafist Muslims protesting an intentionally provocative rally held by an extreme right-wing group in Germany.”

So, in other words, Mr. Scavino took an out of context video and made it even more out of context.  Shocking that such a thing would happen for a campaign adviser for Trump, but oh well.

I’d say that sending out this tweet was clearly an error and an apology would surely be forthcoming, but this is the Trump campaign, so we know that isn’t going to happen.  Heck, perhaps Mr. Scavino knowingly sent out this tweet – very little about the Trump campaign would surprise me anymore.

Now, that being said, one point: Campaign advisers are generally best sticking to the script and not outshining their bosses – or taking away the media spotlight from them.  Again, perhaps this was the latest despicable tactic in Trump’s overall campaign strategy, but it must be remembered that anything posted by a campaign employee or adviser on social media will viewed as an extension of the candidate themselves.


Bush campaign in the basement, Communications Director tweets about bear rape

Well…that’s one of the stranger titles I’ve ever written to a blog entry.

Alrighty.  Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida, is running for President, and recent polls have him towards the bottom of the Republican pack, garnering just 3% in the last national poll.

Related to this story is the concept of bear rape.  Oy.  So, Leonardo DiCaprio is in a new movie, called Revenant.  Last week, the Drudge Report ran this headline:

Yeah, it’s not true at all.  Enter Tim Miller, Communications Director for Jeb Bush, who sent out this tweet:

Is this a problem?  I’d argue yes.  Here’s why: The Bush campaign, as noted above, is in the toilet.  This is for a variety of reasons, and there are plenty of stories now about how the Bush campaign is seeking to assuage skittish donors and carry on.  Therefore, if I was a high level Bush staffer…let alone the head of Communications…I would only tweet about politics, the campaign, and my candidate.  Tweeting about something as weird as BEAR RAPE gets you off message and generates negative national news headlines for your candidate.  For the Bush campaign to be saved, every ounce of energy must be dedicated towards the resuscitation of the candidate.  Tweets about bear rape from high level staffers won’t get you there.

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Donald Trump’s latest: Shootings are good for my campaign!

Politicians from all sides of the political spectrum have been accused of politicizing mass shootings before.  That being said, I can’t recall it ever being this blatant!

In the aftermath of the tragedy in San Bernadino, Donald Trump retweeted this:

So, apparently Mr. Trump believes that mass shootings are good for his poll numbers.  The fact that him/his campaign thinks that this is an appropriate thing to discuss speaks volumes about him, and his campaign. Do mass shootings/acts of terrorism effect Presidential campaigns?  Of course they do – these things obviously have an impact on our politics.  That being said, retweeting content like this is essentially bragging, and I’m not sure that bragging about a mass shooting is ever an appropriate message for any Presidential candidate.  Wonkette nails the analysis about why this is so tacky:

…if true, we’d modestly propose that’s not something to be proud of. We also doubt it would bring comfort to the friends and families of victims — of Wednesday’s shooting, or last Friday’s shooting, or the shooting before that, or the next shooting that is guaranteed to come.

That being said, Mr. Trump acts as if the rules of politics – and decency – don’t really apply to him, so I suppose this isn’t really any surprise.

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The latest racist filth spewed by Donald Trump

Well, it’s been at least a week – definitely time for Donald Trump to tweet something awful and racist.

The other day, Trump retweeted this graphic:

Donald Trump racist crime tweet

Here’s the thing: Pretty much none of this is true.  Looking at the fact-checking:

Trump’s graphic states that 81% of whites who are murdered are murdered by blacks. This is false. The actual data shows that 14% of white murder victims are murdered by a black person. (In 2013, it was 13.6%.)

The percentage of blacks murdered by other blacks (89.9%) is similar to the percentage of whites murdered by other whites (82.3%). Trump’s graphic falsely states that 97% of blacks are killed by other blacks but just 16% of whites are killed by other whites.

Oh, and the source?  The Crime Statistics Bureau of San Francisco?  Literally doesn’t exist.  Not an actual thing.

Combine this graphic with Trump’s recent comments that a Black Lives Matter protester who was beat up at one of his rallies (“Maybe he should have been roughed up!“), as well as Trump’s other horrendous comments about Latinos and Muslims, and it’s difficult to escape the conclusion that Trump is a pretty terrible racist.

Even Bill O’Reilly questioned Trump about the tweet, saying he was “bothered” by it (even if he didn’t think Trump was a racist) and that it gave others an opportunity to paint Trump as such.  Trump, defending himself, said that he, “retweeted somebody that was supposedly an expert” and noted that he was tweeted at millions of times during the day – far too often to fact-check every tweet sent his way.

Of course, that concept is accurate – but no human being expects you to fact check the things that OTHERS tell you.  What is perfectly reasonable, of course, is that you fact check things that you say or retweet.  Trump, however, clearly has no cares about reality or facts.  He has previously said that others run his Twitter account, and I suspect that those others know exactly what they are doing.  Trump is blatantly race-baiting in an attempt to appeal to the worst of the Republican party.

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Ben Carson fails at America: Tweets out hilariously bad map

Last week, Ben Carson attempted to tweet out a map of all of the Governors who were not accepting Syrian refugees.  Here’s the map he tweeted:

Ben Carson Map

New England look a little funny to you?  It should, because it is hilariously inaccurate.  The Washington post summarizes what went wrong:

…Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine are moved northeast by about 150 miles or so. Vermont and New York now have hundreds of miles of new beachfront property. Massachusetts shares a border with Canada. Maine straddles what is now the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.

Also, if you look closely at the mid-Atlantic area, you’ll see that Virginia’s portion of the Delmarva Peninsula is colored red to match Maryland, rather than gray with the rest of Virginia.

Seriously, I don’t even know what happened.  I mean, you pretty much have to try to get a map that wrong.  All you have to do is Google “American Map” and you’re good to go.

As of yet, the Carson campaign has failed to explain what went wrong with their hilariously bad version of the United States.  Maybe this was a graphics error, but as noted by Vox, it does beg the question: How did no one notice this before it was sent?

The lesson?  Proof your tweet – all aspects of it.  And when you tweet out a graphic, for crying out loud, look at the graphic first!

Tweets and Consequences

Like the blog?  Get the book!  Tweets and Consequences: 60 Social Media Disasters in Politics and How You Can Avoid A Career-Ending Mistake is now available on Amazon for purchase or download.