Donald Trump adviser shares hateful – and false – video

An adviser Donald Trump makes the blog today, as opposed to Trump himself.  The issue in question is this tweet, sent by Daniel Scavino, a senior adviser to Mr. Trump:

That’s a pretty damning video, which, if true, would seem to buttress the arguments made by Trump about rejecting Syrian refugees.  That being said, here’s the thing: It’s a complete and total lie.  As noted by Buzzfeed, the video “actually shows Salafist Muslims protesting an intentionally provocative rally held by an extreme right-wing group in Germany.”

So, in other words, Mr. Scavino took an out of context video and made it even more out of context.  Shocking that such a thing would happen for a campaign adviser for Trump, but oh well.

I’d say that sending out this tweet was clearly an error and an apology would surely be forthcoming, but this is the Trump campaign, so we know that isn’t going to happen.  Heck, perhaps Mr. Scavino knowingly sent out this tweet – very little about the Trump campaign would surprise me anymore.

Now, that being said, one point: Campaign advisers are generally best sticking to the script and not outshining their bosses – or taking away the media spotlight from them.  Again, perhaps this was the latest despicable tactic in Trump’s overall campaign strategy, but it must be remembered that anything posted by a campaign employee or adviser on social media will viewed as an extension of the candidate themselves.


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