Soccer league allows for creation of offensive and racist twitter badges

The UEFA is the Union of European Football Associations, one of the major soccer leagues in Europe.  Tickets went on sale for the league’s championships, and to celebrate and promote, the UEFA ran a Twitter promotional campaign which allows for users to have their Twitter handle automatically merged into a graphic with the country of their choice in order to show their support.  The created images were then tweeted out by a bot from the UEFA twitter account.

This was a bad idea:



If this sounds familiar, there’s a reason for that: It has happened before, to the New England Patriots, when a bot allowed for the creation of racist team uniforms.

Anyway, the UEFA apparently deleted some of these tweets, but obviously too late.  The lesson?  You can’t crowdsource and automate the approval and creation of images which also have your brand name on them.  Doing so is an open invitation for trolls who want to sully your good name with their own bad one.  Too bad.


Tweets and Consequences

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