Lane Bryant’s Twitter chat is a trainwreck

I’ve long argued that controversial politicians need to avoid Twitter chats.  Businesses can use these positively, but it depends on whether or not the business in question has a high degree of negative sentiment.  You can now add Lane Bryant to the list of company’s which should avoid these promotional mechanisms.

Here’s the scoop: Lane Bryant, which makes plus-sized clothing, tried a live Twitter Q&A last week, using #AskLaneBryant.

It did not go well:

As is par for the course for events like this, the Twitter chat also generated negative national publicity for the company.


To their credit, Lane Bryant publicly expressed an acknowledgement that they had some issues to work on:

Not that women’s fashion is my area of expertise, but I had no idea that these kinds of issues existed with Lane Bryant.  After reading some of the responses to this chat, I wonder if Lane Bryant did as well – I suspect not.  To their credit, the company didn’t try to pretend that the negative feedback wasn’t happening: They acknowledged it, and pledged to work on it going forward.  In that sense, this issue was well handled.

That being said, once again: Twitter chats can be very dangerous, and you have to make sure that you don’t have a high negative sentiment before engaging in one.

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