“Great win!” tweets Iowa Senator, whose team then loses

I’ve written previously about premature tweets in regards to sports wins, and it seems that we have a new entry into that category, this one courtesy of Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA).

Here’s what happened: This past Saturday, the Iowa Hawkeyes were battling the Michigan State in college football.  The winner of the game would become the Big Ten Conference champion, and with time running down, the Hawkeyes had the lead.  Senator Ernst then sent out this tweet:

JoniErnstHere’s the thing: The Hawkeyes hadn’t won yet.  And, in fact, they didn’t, as a touchdown by Michigan State in the final minute cost the Hawkeyes the game.


The congratulatory tweet was deleted and replaced with this:

While I understand why the errand tweet was explained as a “staff error,” I think this is a lousy thing to do.  Odds are that is exactly what happened, but that’s irrelevant.  I think a leader needs to take responsibility for anything tweeted under the name, and not throw some poor staffer under the bus – even if that is how it went down.

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