Donald Trump’s latest: Shootings are good for my campaign!

Politicians from all sides of the political spectrum have been accused of politicizing mass shootings before.  That being said, I can’t recall it ever being this blatant!

In the aftermath of the tragedy in San Bernadino, Donald Trump retweeted this:

So, apparently Mr. Trump believes that mass shootings are good for his poll numbers.  The fact that him/his campaign thinks that this is an appropriate thing to discuss speaks volumes about him, and his campaign. Do mass shootings/acts of terrorism effect Presidential campaigns?  Of course they do – these things obviously have an impact on our politics.  That being said, retweeting content like this is essentially bragging, and I’m not sure that bragging about a mass shooting is ever an appropriate message for any Presidential candidate.  Wonkette nails the analysis about why this is so tacky:

…if true, we’d modestly propose that’s not something to be proud of. We also doubt it would bring comfort to the friends and families of victims — of Wednesday’s shooting, or last Friday’s shooting, or the shooting before that, or the next shooting that is guaranteed to come.

That being said, Mr. Trump acts as if the rules of politics – and decency – don’t really apply to him, so I suppose this isn’t really any surprise.

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