Washington Redskins tweet Happy Thanksgiving, continue to show zero self awareness

I’ve written about the Washington Redskins and their social media disasters in the past.  For those of you who are unfamiliar: The Redskins are an NFL football team who have come under incredible attack over the past few years because of the offensive nature of their team name, which was a derogatory way of discussing Indians.  In the past, the team’s social media fails have revolved along a total lack of the perception surrounding the team and their name.

Some things never change:

Of course, Thanksgiving’s historical nature is more than just a day of giving thanks – for many, it marks the beginning of the genocide Native Americans suffered at the hands of the Europeans.  Thus, any tweet that the Washington Redskins could have sent would have been considered tone deaf.  In fact, it would have been much wiser for the Redskins to avoid controversy and skip tweeting on Thanksgiving in general.  That, however, would have been a violation of their self-imposed policy of social media stupidity, so they just had to tweet.

Anyway, here are some of the best responses:


For a team that needs continued good will in order to make money, it is truly remarkable.  It’s almost like the Redskins are trying to stay in the news by being offensive on social media.  For someone like Donald Trump, I can understand how that strategy makes sense politically.  But for a team that needs good will to make money, I don’t get it.

Tweets and Consequences

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