Today’s hashtag fail: #CarlyLive, by Carly Fiorina

A couple of months ago, Donald Trump tried #AskTrump, and it was a disaster.  Yesterday, I wrote about #AskJerryJones, a Q&A session with the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, and what a fail that was.  Heck, I’ve written about how badly these have gone way, way, way too many times.

Well, here’s one that is unfolding before your very eyes!  Ladies and gentleman, behold #CarlyLive, hosted by Carly Fiorina, GOP Presidential candidate:

The event will be tomorrow at  8pm and I’m sure it will go just swimmingly.  Let’s see some of the questions submitted so far, shall we?

As you can see, many of the tweets center around the comments that Fiorina made about Planned Parenthood, including her inaccurate descriptions of Planned Parenthood videos and the role those videos – and the hype surrounding them – may have played in the shooting last week at a Colorado Planned Parenthood.

In all fairness, there are a few serious questions:

As I type this entry, all of the ones which come up as the top searches are negative.  They are also almost sure to generate negative stories for a campaign which is already struggling.  Again, this was a stupid idea, and given the repeated failure of hashtags to generate good publicity or momentum for Presidential candidates, I have to think this was a bad idea.  Politicians who are controversial – please take note!  Stop doing this!

Tweets and Consequences

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