Minnesota GOP group tweets about #Negroproblem

Well, that’s one of the worst possible hashtags that any political group could use.

The background: Minnesota, like numerous other cities, is in the midst of heavy backlash as a result of the fatal shooting of Jamar Clark by police officers.  In the aftermath of the shooting, there have been a series of protests outside of the 4th Precinct in Minneapolis.

So, in the middle of this, the following was tweeted out by the Seventh Congressional District Republicans, a GOP group in Minnesota:


Yeah…no.  Just no.  Talk about a terrible idea!!

For obvious reasons, local Democrats attacked the tweet, with Ken Martin, head of the Minnesota DFL Party, saying in a statement:

“There is absolutely no place for this kind of ugly language in our state. We call on Chairman Downey to apologize to the people of Minnesota for the racist and bigoted comment.”

To his credit, the head of the Minnesota Republican Party, Keith Downey, tweeted this:

An important point about this apology:  There is no, “Apologies to all offended.”  I hate that line, because it’s a wink and a nod:  “Oh, you weren’t offended?  Well, in that case, no apology, let’s high five!”  This is just a straight up, “Apologies.  We were wrong.”

Anyway, this entire issue shows the importance of training for anyone tweeting in the name of you or your brand.  Yes, these were volunteers who were working for free.  However, they were tweeting in the name of the Republican Party, and as a result of their bad taste and stupidity, the local Republicans have seen their brand damaged.  It is critically important that you train anyone tweeting in the name of you or your company in order to avoid a scandal like this.  That’s challenge is multiplied when you are dealing with volunteers, but it’s still vitally necessary, a lesson that the Minnesota GOP found out the hard way.

Tweets and Consequences

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