Hateful city councilman attacks transgender students, Islam

Well, we’ve got a real winner here!

Micky Garus is a City Councilman in Dallas, Oregon.  He makes the blog for exceptionally vile Facebook comments launched against two different groups: Muslims and transgender students.

Let’s start with transgender attacks. In response to a news report which noted that a school district in Illinois may have violated the law by banning a transgender female student from using the girls bathroom, Garus made the following post:

Garus transgender

Nothing says “responsible elected official” like threatening to beat up a transgender school student.  Wow.

This ignorant screed came just five days after Councilman Garus posted a link to an article about three Muslims being elected to a town council in Michigan.  In response to that post, Garus wrote:

“I’m all for diversity, and I’ll be first in line to fight for everyone’s religious freedoms within reason. I just don’t like religions or people that wish to kill me, wipe out our culture and destroy our country.”

Garus’ remarks were condemned by many, including the Washington state chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, who said, “This is really about responsible speech. When you take the oath of office, you have the responsibility to represent all of the people.”

In response to the outrage, Garus released a long statement on his own Facebook page.  It’s too long to quote, but in it, Garus clarifies that he is speaking on his own behalf only, not the City of Dallas…and then he attacks Islam some more.

As noted by the Mayor of Dallas, “It would not be in the purview of the Council to take action against him for statements he has made in a personal capacity on his own social media site. As offensive as his statements may be to many people, his right to make them is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution, and we have to respect that.”

The lesson?  Well, it’s hard to define a “lesson” here.  Mr. Garus is certainly entitled to his opinion, however repugnant and odious as it is.  This is a classic case of Facebook and social media not making someone stupider, necessarily, but just allowing an ignorant and hateful person another venue in which they can display their own vile.

Tweets and Consequences

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