New Jersey Municipal Authority member in trouble for anti-Mexican posts

This one is pretty standard…at least as far as the entries in this blog go.  What is more interesting, I would argue, is who they focus on.

Patrick Pizzi is an appointed member of the Berkeley Township Municipal Utilities Authority.  Clearly, not exactly the definition of a high-profile gig.  However, Pizzi made these Facebook posts during Halloween:

Patrick Pizzi2

Patrick Pizzi1

Obviously, pretty stupid, racist and offensive.  When confronted about the posts, Pizzi apologized.

So what’s so interesting here?  Well, the story went national, for one thing, appearing in USA Today.  And what is interesting about that is how minor of a role Pizzi plays in public life.  However, he is in public life, receiving over $25,000 in salaries and benefits for his work on the Berkeley MUA.  And, as a result, Pizzi’s posts are absolutely fair game.  That, as always, is the lesson for anyone in any sort of “public” life – anything you say on social media can – and probably will – be used against you.

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