Facebook further forays into political advertising: Target political influeners

Facebook is making another foray into the world of political advertising, and this one is particularly interesting, as it will now allow you to target people who frequently focus on politics.

According to this article from Wired, the “political influencer” category will consist of people who:

  • Click on political ads.
  • Like numerous political pages.
  • Share content from political groups.

In other words, political fanatics.

From an election perspective, I can see this being useful…in a primary, but not a general.  Why?  Well, people who fall into this political influencer category will almost certainly have a set partisan and ideological orientation that makes their general election picks foregone confusion.  That being said, the same does not necessarily apply to primary campaigns, when ideological boundaries are (sometimes) less obvious.  As such, targeting political influencers – and trying to get them on your side – can be very useful.  I do wonder how much this will cost, however.  Typically, Facebook charges more per click for more specific targeting options, so I hope that this new targeting option is cost effective.

Looking at this broader than simply elections, I can see this method of targeting being useful for issue oriented campaigns that are attempting to gain attention and traction. If you are trying to reach political influencers, and target them based on their location, ideology and interests, you can potentially yield a very useful audience of influencers who are particularly interested in a certain field.  To that end, broader, issue-oriented campaigns may have a field day with this new targeting method.

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