Argentine cabinet official attacks opposition on Twitter, says his account was hacked

This is an interesting one.  Dr. Daniel Gollan is the Health Minister for Argentina.  Argentina is currently in the middle of a campaign season, and a run-off election on November 22 will determine if Daniel Scioli or Mauricio Marci will be Argentina’s next President.

Here’s where it gets strange. Daniel Gollan has a personal Twitter account and is a member of Scioli’s party.  In a series of tweets last week, Dr. Gollan said that the public health system would suffer if Marci, member of the opposition party, was elected.  Among the tweets which Dr. Gollan sent:

The 12 new centers for radiation therapy to treat cancer will continue (to be open) if Scioli is president. Think about your vote.

Dr. Gollan deleted the tweets and then said that his Twitter account was hacked:

I expressly deny posting that expression of bad taste. I’ve been a physician in public hospitals for more than 25 years and it would never occur to me to mix the problems that cancer causes for people suffering from it and their (friends and loved ones) with an election campaign, no matter how crucial it might be

There’s no way to tell whether or not this is true, of course.  It is certainly within the realm of dirty political tricks for someone to hack a cabinet member’s Twitter account and attempt to use those tweets to embarrass him.  This does go to show the importance, for VIPs, of using two-factor authentication when it comes to your social media accounts.  If the tweet was, in fact, sent by Dr. Gollan, bad call.  People don’t like mixing politics and medicine.

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