Hillary Clinton campaign tweet gets shortened in most unfortunate way possible

Last week, the former Secretary and Presidential candidate sent out this tweet:

Okay, fine, it’s an article which shows that her campaign spends a small fortune on pizza.  Anyone who’s ever worked on a campaign can give a knowing laugh about that one: Every campaign is powered on pizza and donuts.

That being said, the last words of the tweet are “pizza, analysis shows.”  However, as noted by this Buzzfeed article, when mobile users saw a preview of the link, it looked like this:

Hillary Clinton Shortened Tweet

That…that is not what the Clinton campaign had in mind.  That’s just not good.

Is there anything that could have been done about this one?  Well, it does show that you always need to check the preview of any tweet before sending it.  This isn’t the first time an error like this has occurred either: Last year, an automatic tweet, sent by South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s Instagram account, said, “We will no longer educate children…

This does go to show the dangers of too much automation, and why you should always check your tweets before you send them.

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