Firefighter uses Facebook to ridicule man killed in accident

Well, here’s a depressing one.

Darren LaCroix is a firefighter in Brampton, which is located in Canada.  Last week, 54 year old Randy Muzzi was killed when the tow truck he was driving collided with a train.  This is obviously a tragedy, and you would think that someone who worked in emergency services would treat it as such.

Oh, no.  LaCroix took to Facebook and posted:

“Are all GTA tow truck drivers (expletive) idiots? …Ya buddy at least you only hurt yourself this time and inconvenienced everybody else.”

Yikes.  The post was deleted and LaCroix later updated his Facebook page with an apology:

“I would like to apologize for a comment that I posted last week. My comment was made in haste and I see now that I did not have all the facts regarding this tragic accident.”

The apology, however, will likely not be enough for LaCroix to avoid disciplinary action. The Brampton Fire Chief said he was “shocked” by the comments and that he would be meeting with LaCroix to discuss future actions.

Clearly, you can file this under “topics not to discuss on social media”: The tragic death of an individual.  That goes even double if part of your job is saving people’s lives.

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