Billboard posts, then deletes, incredibly inappropriate tweet about North West

Politicians and celebrities are going to get attacked in some form or fashion, particularly on social media.  That is, unfortunately, an after effect of what happens when you put yourself out in public in the way that these two do.  However, what should be beyond attacks is children.  That being said, unfortunately, that is frequently not the case.

Billboard, the music & celebrity publication and website, became the latest violator of that unwritten rule. That happened this past Friday, when Billboard tweeted:

Billboard Tweet North West

The toddler in question is North West, the daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.  Given the picture of North West in that picture, the implication is obvious, and it’s atrocious. However, the article itself links to a story about North West saying to paparazzi, “I said no pictures!”

Reaction on Twitter was swift, and it was angry.  No one was happy at what Billboard appeared to be going for. The response from Billboard was predictable and necessary: They deleted the tweet and apologized:

Here’s the thing: I think they are lying.  Why?  Well, normally, when you post an article on Twitter, the only picture which is displayed is a picture from the article.  That picture appears nowhere in the article, and that would imply that someone intentionally added that specific picture.  Combined with that caption, as well as Kim Kardashian’s prior appearance in a sex tape, and it leads me to believe that Billboard knew exactly what they were doing.

This, of course, is disgusting.  Show some class.

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