Meow: AP accidentally links video of a cat dressed as a pirate in unrelated news story

You know how the idea that of double checking everything is a good one?  Yeah.  About that.

Last week, the Associated Press’s Politics Twitter Account, @AP_Politics, tried to link to a story about the hacking of the personal Email of the director of the CIA.  They sent out this tweet:

Now, that, as you can tell, is the corrected version.  What happened in the original version?  Well, it linked to this:

Too bad that the AP didn’t take the opportunity to show some humor – this was a pretty funny gaffe and would have been a good chance to actually show that yes, the Associated Press is human too.  Regardless, this goes to show that you always need to double check the links that you tweet out – accidental copying and pasting have hurt many in the past.


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