Twitter Q&A with NFL Coach Chuck Pagano goes poorly after fake punt disaster

Why, oh why, will no one STOP DOING THIS??

Okay, first, the background.  Chuck Pagano is the coach of the Indianapolis Colts.  On October 18, Pagano and the Colts were playing a tight game against the New England Patriots.  Down by only six and with the ball late in the 3rd quarter, the Colts were faced with a 4th & 3.  They elected to punt, and then, this happened:

You don’t have to be a football fan to know that was a complete disaster.  The trick play went catastrophically wrong and the Patriots scored on the next possession, ultimately winning the game.  Pagano took responsibility for the play and was widely ridiculed.

Anyway, that brings us to last week, when, during a radio apperance, Pagano’s weekly radio show sent out this tweet:

Fans, of course, were too happy to oblige, and the questions were brutal and hilarious:

In all fairness, this is something which Pagano does on a weekly basis.  The radio show is obviously a recurring program, and the account has, on previous occasions, solicited feedback:

However, the account has only sent out four tweets since September 22 – and the last one previous to that was in Janurary.  In other words, no one would have noticed if the account hadn’t tweeted, which begs the question: What the heck were they thinking!??!

So, all together now: In the aftermath of a controversy on PR disaster, don’t hold a Q&A session like this…and certainly not when you just know that the questions are only going to serve to magnify some major, previous error.

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