IHOP gets nailed for sexist tweet

IHOP, like many brands, tweets in a cool-kid style, using modern terminology.  Every now and then, it also tries to get “edgy.”  I use that term loosely.

The edginess, however, backfired, with this tweet sent out on Sunday:

IHop Tweet

Nope.  Nope.  Bad idea!  There are some innuendos you can pull off, but references to women, like this, are absolutely a bad idea.

The reaction was swift:

IHOP found itself on the wrong end of national media coverage, and they deleted the tweet.  To their credit, IHOP saw the writing on the wall (home feed?) and also sent out an unqualified apology:

So, what’s the lesson?  There is some “edginess” that you can use – points where it’s okay to try to sound like you are talking to millennials.  I guess.  Personally, every time I see a brand use “on fleek” I want to explode because no human being on the face of the Earth actually tweets like that, but hey, that’s just me.  Anyway, regardless of whether or not you are pro- or anti-fleek, this much is clear: Don’t make insulting allusions to women’s breasts or body parts and be surprised about the aftermath.  IHOP gets points for handling the aftermath well, as they deleted the tweet quickly and sent out an appropriate apology.  That being said, prevent yourself from getting into this situation by never sending out tweets that look anything like this.

Tweets and Consequences

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