Following up: A look back at the perpetrators of some of the biggest social media fails

In Tweets & ConsequencesI reviewed some of the more significant social media fails, and they were doozies: racism, sexism, homophobia and more.  In the year or so since the book has been published, many careers have continued to flounder, while others still succeed.  Here’s a look back at five of my “favorite” fails, and what happened to the perpetrators:

Henry Davis, Jr.

Henry DavisThe South Bend, Indiana Councilman got himself into trouble for posting an “explicit picture” of a man having sex with a dog…while discussing his opposition to LGBT people serving openly in the military.  Yes, that actually happened.

In the aftermath of this fail, Davis ran for Mayor – unsuccessfully.  He was also arrested for operating a vehicle while under the influence.  Davis remains a member of South Bend Common Council.

Colleen Lachowicz

Colleen-Lachowicz-Lachowicz successfully unseated Maine State Senator Tom Martin after being attacked for her World of Warcraft character, as well as comments she made on World of Warcraft forums.  Unfortunately for Senator Lachowicz, she only got to experience being a State Senator for two years: In her first reelection, which took place in 2014, Lachowicz lost her reelection bid.  Lachowicz, a Democrat, lost as Maine Democrats also lost control of the State Senate.  World of Warcraft played no role this time.

Mike Maggio


Mike Maggio, a Circuit Court Judge in Arkansas, got into hot water for making online comments about cases he was presiding over, including breaking confidentiality agreements.  That being said, this wasn’t Judge Maggio’s only problem, and in June, he plead guilty to federal bribery charges.  He will likely be serving federal time soon.  As you would almost certainly expect, Maggio has been disciplined and barred from ever serving as a judge again.

Joe Fitzgibbon

The Washington State Representative and passionate Seattle Seahawks fan got into trouble for this tweet after the Seahawks lost to the Arizona Cardinals in 2013:

Joe Fitzgibbon Racist Tweet

Yep.  Not the swiftest of tweets.  Fortunately for Fitzgibbon, his seat is safe: He won his 2014 reelection 83-17%.


Bob Rucho

The North Carolina State Senator made headlines for this tweet:

So, Obamacare is worse than terrorism?  Alrighty.

Incidentally, this wound up being one of Rucho’s final tweets, as he basically stopped tweeting in January 2014.  That’s probably a good thing.  However, Rucho’s political career continues: He was reelected in 2014.

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