Rupert Murdoch, expert in all things black, opines that Ben Carson would be a “real black President”

Rupert Murdoch, conservative billionaire and founder of Fox News, found himself in hot water after this tweet:

Just in case you are confused, Barack Obama is an African American.  So is Ben Carson.  Rupert Murdoch is as pale as paper.


Murdoch, naturally, was roundly criticized for the tweet:

With a media disaster on his hands, Murdoch apologized for the tweet the next day:

What he never did do, however, was explain what he meant by this tone-deaf tweet.  What, exactly, would be “black enough” for him?  A spokesperson for 21st Century Fox also declined to comment on the incident, saying, “We don’t comment on his tweets.”

Note to all public figures: Opining when a person is “black enough” – or any race/gender/sexual orientation/religion/WHATEVER “enough” – is a particularly bad idea.  It’s even worse if you are not a member of the group which you are judging.

Just a bad call all around here.

Tweets and Consequences

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