Eight whole people endorsed Rand Paul for President!

A poorly worded tweet has landed Rand Paul’s Presidential campaign in the blog.  First, here’s the tweet:

The issue?  The use of the word “the.”  Had Paul said “See 8 of the people…” I don’t think anyone would have blinked at this quote.  However, by saying “See the 8 people,” Paul’s tweet makes it sound like these are the only 8 people, anywhere, who have endorsed his campaign.  Combined this tweet with Paul’s flagging poll numbers, and you get the distinct impression that this, in fact, might be the only eight people who have endorsed his campaign!

Other Twitter users, of course, were quick to jump on Paul for the tweet:

Other news stories also jumped on Paul’s campaign for the tweet.

The list itself featured six Congressmen, Paul’s father (former Congressman Ron Paul) and Ultimate Fighting Championship Hall of Famer Pat Miletich.  It’s good that Paul’s Dad endorsed him.  That’s a start.

The lesson here is that you have to be so, so careful with how you word your tweets.  Had Paul just tweaked the wording of these tweets a little bit, there’d be no problem.  But, with the tweet being phrased as it was, it got him a decent amount of negative attention.  On Twitter, every word counts.  Paul’s campaign just found that one out the hard way.

Tweets and Consequences

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One Comment

  1. IDK don’t you think the rules of grammar BTW communication are a bit more forgiving with texting and tweeting? Don’t you think the twitter-verse gets it? I am for Rand Paul. I wonder if something like this isn’t zero sum or even positive, as folks like you who are against Rand Paul make cheap points by blogging about it


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