Virginia State Senator under fire for sexist tweet

State Senator Richard Black (R) is running for his first reelection against Dr. Jill McCabe.  He’s now under fire for the sexist implications of the following tweet:

Senator Richard Black Tweet

The sexist implications of such a tweet are obvious: It’s hard to see how being a pediatric surgeon is somehow less valuable than Senator Blake’s contributions to society, which have involved herpetology (the study of amphibians). You can’t help but wonder if the same tweet would have been sent had Dr. McCabe been Joe, not Jill.  At the same time, Dr. McCabe is a wife and mother – does that count for nothing in Senator Black’s estimate?

Incidentally, the tweet has been deleted from Senator Black’s account, and no mention was made of the deletion (on Twitter), or why.  However, in a statement, a Black spokesperson said the tweet was deleted only because Senator Black appeared in a tweet in a military uniform, without the standard disclaimer that the Department of Defensive didn’t endorse his candidacy.  Okay, sure.  They also said that the comparison was made because Dr. McCabe was calling Senator Black a politician – so the Black campaign wanted to make sure that they pushed back by talking about all of the other things that Senator Black was.

Naturally, Virginia Democrats and McCabe supporters blasted the tweet:

There’s no two ways of saying it: This was dumb.  Dumb, dumb, dumb.  If Senator Black truly wanted to push back against the notion that he wasn’t just a politician, he could have easily discussed all the other things he was – without belittling a woman who is a wife and a mother.  The tweet clearly discounts the effort and importance of both of those roles, and that’s just dumb.

Whenever sending out any tweet, always think twice about any of the possible implications.

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