Another school board member in trouble over anti-Muslim comments

Yesterday, I wrote about a school board member in Virginia who had shared an anti-Muslim meme.  Well, today, I have to write about ANOTHER school board member – this one in Minnesota, who took to Facebook to disparage, of all things, Muslim bathroom habits…….?

See the comment below from Grant Nichols, a school board member in Columbia Heights, Minnesota:

Grant Nichols Facebook

What?  Just…what?  That’s a stereotype I’ve never heard.

When the comment went public, Nichols denied that he wrote it, saying that he suspected someone at his office had access to his phone and used it to make the comment. However, another school board member has said that Nicholas told him that he had, in fact, written the post.

Unsurprisingly, students in Columbia Heights were ticked, and walked out of classes for 45 minutes to protest the statements.  There are, of course, calls for Nichols to resign, including from the Council on American Islamic Relations and Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton.  After the comments were made, the Governor visited the school.  Meanwhile, a vote to remove or censure Nichols fell short by one vote.

Two things.  First is the obvious: the comment was deeply offensive and should never have been said.  Second, for the sake of argument, let’s take Nichols at his word, and say that the comment wasn’t made by him.  I think the argument is ridiculous…what, someone grabbed his phone for the sole purpose of making an anti-Islamic Facebook comment?  But, okay, let’s say that this is, in fact, what happened.  If that’s the case, this is a great reason about why everyone needs to have a password on their phones.  I’ll also add that many Government bodies require a phone be password protected in order to use that device to access government Email, and this example shows exactly why such policies are necessary.

One Comment

  1. I know Grant’s character from growing up around him. He isn’t and is far from anyone that should have been elected to a public facing position and this whole situation proves it. He isn’t a good and honest person. I ended knowing him years ago because of his character. He harassed me in the past and was trying to cheat on his wife. He stopped talking to me finally when I said I was going to call his wife and let her know. He is a douche bag and got what he deserved. I have no doubt in my mind that he fueled this with comments he made himself and blamed others. I wasn’t surprised at this news and found it laughable.


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