School board chair: Why do Muslims come to America?

Christie New Craig is the chairwoman of the Chesapake School Board in Virginia.  She has made it into this blog because of this moronic Facebook share:

Christie New Craig Facebook

Nothing says “We welcome all religions” like a Facebook share like this, huh?  Oh, and by the way, since when do Muslims hate dogs or freedom of speech?  Since when do Muslims hate any of the things listed above?  What in God’s name was this woman thinking?

Obviously, a backlash ensued.  New Craig told a local paper:

“I merely shared it. I did not make a comment, and I’m just shocked with everything going on in our country – police officers are losing their lives, people are homeless and people don’t have jobs – that a political cartoon would cause this much stir.”

As this blog has documented countless times, “merely sharing” a Facebook post isn’t a thing.  If you share a post – unless you explicitly state that you are sharing it for other reasons – people are going to assume, correctly, that the post you share is a specific endorsement of your views.  That is exactly what happened here.

This incident occurred at the same time that Ahmed Mohamed, a teen who built a clock that was mistaken for a bomb, resulting in the student’s arrest and some pretty obvious allegations of Islamophobia. So really, the timing couldn’t have been worse.

The Chesapake School Board released a statement which tried to put as much distance between Craig’s statement as possible: “This post has had no effect on our commitment to maintaining equal opportunity and nondiscrimination standards.”

Remember, what you share will be assumed to be yours.  I suspect Craig knew that already.

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