Mayor of Louisville sends out tweet from hilarious location

I’ve always argued that one of the best uses of social media is its ability to humanize elected officials.  It gives us a chance to show the world that we are truly no different than anyone else.

And, doesn’t everyone use their phones on the toilet? Well, we know that the Mayor of Louisville does, after he sent out this tweet:

The floor and bathroom stall walls are dead giveaways.

Is this a fail?  Honestly, I don’t think so.  I mean, yeah, it’s not a picture I would have sent out…most people don’t really need to know that you are on the john at a given moment.  That being said, I cannot imagine how busy the Mayor’s schedule is, and he wanted to share a news story which was important to him and the people of his city.  I would also imagine that this would put to rest any notions that it’s not the Mayor who personally manages his Twitter account!

Naturally, the tweet did make news, including national news on Business Insider.  Mayor Fischer did not return calls for comment on the story, and I think that is actually an error.  I would have said, “Yeah, I was on the toilet, using my phone like any other human being.  I have a busy schedule and this was an important story to share.”

Incidentally, some of the responses to this tweet were hilarious:

Hey, as the book title says, Everybody Poops.  Lots of people tweet while pooping too.

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