N.C. State Representative, via shared meme: President is “Islamic son of a b***h”

In the latest example of why you have to be very, very careful with what kind of content you share, North Carolina State Representative Michael Speciale is making national news for sharing this meme:

Michael Speciale Obama Meme

Yes, that’s right, an elected official actually shared a meme which called the President of the United States an “Islamic son of a b****h.”


WCNT, a North Carolina news station, tried to get a comment from Representative Special, but, “he wouldn’t make a comment about his social media post.”  So, the Representative is willing to make the incredibly offensive post, but not back it up.  Okay, that’s really super.

Hilariously enough, he is sharing news stories about the post:

So this guy is just all class.

Of course, Representative Speciale is appealing to the many Republicans who believe that President Obama is, in fact, a Muslim – a recent survey showed that 54% of Republicans believe the President is Islamic, not Christian.

Will Representative Speciale pay a political price for this?  I’m guessing not.  He won both of his elections with almost 60% of the vote, which would tell me that his district is safely Republican.  That being said, he makes all elected officials – particularly those who share his point of view – look like offensive morons.  This is one of the many reasons why so many in the public have a hard time taking elected officials seriously.  It’s a shame.

Tweets and Consequences

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