#ThankTheQueen goes wrong

I’ve written countless times about the dangers of hashtags.  Generally speaking, these disasters work like this: A Twitter user (usually directly affiliated with the topic in question) encourages people to submit comments or questions to a certain hashtag.  They then get the opposite response of what they wanted, and everyone involved is embarrassed.

This time, the topic of ridicule was the British monarch.  However, the campaign was started by The Telegraph, a British newspaper, in an effort to congratulate the Queen on becoming the longest reigning monarch of all time.

The campaign started with this tweet:

And went downhill from there:

This one wasn’t even done by the Queen’s social media team, which makes you almost feel bad for her – she didn’t even do this, yet was subjected to millions of impressions of scorn.  Oh well.

Yet again: careful with hashtags!!

Tweets and Consequences

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