Trump trolled, again

Some time ago, I noted how Donald Trump was tricked into retweeting pictures of serial killers.  You’d have think he (okay, really, his social media team) would have learned his lesson at this point and would begin checking images before they were retweeted.


This tweet was sent out on 9/12:

Nice looking senior citizen, right?  Yeah, no, that’s actually Jeremy Corbyn, the socialist who was just elected as the new leader of the Labour Party in England. Whoops.

Naturally, Twitter users, including Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, let him have it:

We know that Trump is not personally running his Twitter feed, so it’s not as if he made the mistake.  However, I would argue that this is a systemic problem for his Twitter team.  This is the second time that they were tricked into tweeting a picture of someone who wasn’t who they said they were, and you’d have thought they learned their lesson by now.  Someone at Trump’s level is going to regularly get trolled.  They really should know to check an image.

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