Donald Trump deletes nasty 9/11 tweet, two years too late

Donald Trump, the human trash can and current front runner for the Republican nomination for President, thundered his way into the 9/11 news cycle in one of the more despicable ways possible.  Two years ago, on 9/11, Trump sent out this charming tweet:

As people have been doing since the beginning of his candidacy, they began to retweet this masterpiece of the human language.  However, at some point Trump’s campaign deleted the tweet.

This deletion, of course, only ensured that the tweet would reenter the news cycle, and their have been multiple stories about it on mainsteam media.  Personally, I don’t think their is anything wrong with deleting a tweet, as long as you acknowledge it’s deletion.  However, by waiting until relatively recently to make the deletion, the Trump campaign ensured that it would reenter the news cycle.  This, of course, gave the tweet a ton of negative attention, thus making deleting the tweet a terrible idea.

Unless…Trump wanted just that.

That’s my working hypothesis on this one.  Look at the facts of Trump’s campaign – he says ridiculously offensive things (Mexicans are rapists, Senator McCain isn’t a war hero, Megyn Kelly was only mean to him in the debates because she was menstruating), and his poll numbers go up.

I truly believe that Trump did this on purpose.  If I am correct, it means that he is not only politicizing the 9/11 tragedy, but capitalizing on his own offensive reaction to it.

I would expect nothing less out of him.

Tweets and Consequences

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