Corrupt Brazilian Mayors runs city via WhatsApp, posts evidence on Instagram

This one is just a train wreck of social media disaster.

Lidiane Leite, 25, was the Mayor of Bom Jardim, Brazil.  Bom Jardim is one of the poorest cities in the country. Leite was elected in 2012, after her then boyfriend, Beto Rocha, was barred from running for Mayor after being accused of corruption.

You can probably imagine where this is going: Leite is on the run, accused of public corruption when an investigation from the government discovered that $4 million was missing from the public school system.  Meanwhile, at the same time, Leite had been posting pictures of her on Instagram, enjoying a lavish lifestyle.  Pictures apparently including Leite with her personal trainer, sipping champagne and partying.  She uploaded captions like:

“Before I was mayor I was poor, and had a Land Rover.  Now I’m in a Toyota SW4. I should have bought a better car, because thanks to God money is no longer a problem.”

Some news outlets have taken to calling Leite the “WhatsApp Mayor,” because it seems that her job as Mayor was limited to regular WhatsApp messages to her cabinet.  Said her lawyer, Carlos Barros, “She was too young and inexperienced when she took office. She lacked confidence and delegated many tasks to Mr Rocha.”

So much fail in one entry, it’s almost impossible to contain.

Tweets and Consequences

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