Rand Paul releases app which let’s you digitally #StandWithRand, and it’s a terrible idea

With it’s poll numbers tanking, I suppose the Rand Paul for President campaign needed to do something to get itself in the news, but this is not what they had in mind, I’m sure.

The Paul campaign came out with an App which has a variety of functions, which, among other things, let’s you take a digital selfie with Paul, then upload it to #StandWithRand.

Great idea?

No.  No.  Terrible idea, in fact:

Seriously, someone should have seen this coming.  This is the equivilant of a hashtag campaign, with a pic.  The lesson?  If you are a politician, you never, ever crowdsource like this, or give people the opportunity to play with your image.  To do so is simply inviting problems, as the Rand Paul campaign is now finding out.

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