Republican Presidential candidates, by the numbers, on Twitter

Last week, I ran a blog entry which tracked how the 17 Republican candidates for President were doing in terms of Facebook likes.  As promised, here’s the same data, but with Twitter:

Name URL Followers Poll
Donald Trump 3950000 23.5%
Marco Rubio 828000 7.3%
Rand Paul 674000 3.8%
Ben Carson 526000 10.3%
Ted Cruz 482000 7.3%
Carly Fiorina 467000 6.0%
Mike Huckabee 396000 4.0%
Rick Perry 315000 1.3%
Jeb Bush 279000 9.8%
Rick Santorum 241000 1.0%
Bobby Jindal 211000 0.5%
Scott Walker 197000 7.3%
John Kasich 100000 4.5%
George Pataki 46900
Chris Christie 43600 3.5%
Lindsey Graham 24800 0.3%
Jim Gilmore 1130

A few observations:

  • First, I’m sure you noticed the round numbers.  Exact numbers aren’t displayed on a Twitter page, so this is the best I was able to put together.
  • Like in the polls, Donald Trump is absolutely crushing his rivals.
  • It’s interesting to see the lack of correlation between Twitter followers and poll success in some cases.  Rand Paul is a great example.  This is probably more telling of the disconnect between passionate supporters on and the rest of the ideological spectrum.
  • Some of the cover photos used on the page were particularly terrible.  See Senator Graham and Governor Christie’s pages for great examples.  Awkward pictures or low resolution were the real issues.  You guys are running for President.  Take a nice picture.
  • Governor Jim Gilmore’s page is unverified and hasn’t been updated since August 22 (at least as I type this entry, which is 8/29).

Tweets and Consequences

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