Former Australian politician nailed for maintaining offensive anonymous Twitter account, forced to resign from job

This is a fascinating one, and even further proof that nothing which happens on the internet is truly anonymous.

Mark Latham was once a highly quotable, combustible member of the Australian parliament who was, at one point, thought of as a likely candidate for Prime Minister.  Poor internal relations with his own party and ill health forced him out of politics, but he landed on his feet, writing a regular column for the Australian Financial Review.

Until recently.  As noted by this highly comprehensive article in Social Media Today, last December, a Twitter account called RealMarkLatham began tweeting offensive things about Australian politicians:


Okay, fine, whatever, right?  Offensive parody accounts like this spring up all the time.  Well, a BuzzFeed investigation confirmed that this Twitter account was, in fact, maintained by the real Mark Latham.

In the aftermath of the news, Latham resigned as a columnist with AFR.

So, what’s the lesson here?  That much is obvious: on the Internet, nothing…nothing…is truly anonymous, and attempting to be anonymous will likely get you caught quicker than you care to think about.  If you lead a public life (really, if you lead any kind of life at all), it’s best to not attempt to pull one of these anonymous stunts, because odds are greater than not that you will get busted.

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