Republican Presidential Candidates – by the likes

Based on a blog comment I got last week, I decided to re-run this blog entry, but updated for current numbers: a look at the Republican 2016 Presidential candidates, sorted by likes, as well as compared to national poll numbers.  Here’s what we got, as of 8/22/15, with polling data coming from the Real Clear Politics average:

Name URL Likes Poll
Donald Trump 3252785 22.0%
Ben Carson 2402265 9.7%
Rand Paul 2060219 4.3%
Mike Huckabee 1827106 4.3%
Ted Cruz 1382259 7.3%
Rick Perry 1208956 1.3%
Marco Rubio 977084 7.3%
Scott Walker 359003 7.7%
Carly Fiorina 278647 6.3%
Bobby Jindal 277298 0.7%
Rick Santorum 264786 1.0%
Jeb Bush 250367 10.7%
John Kasich 137944 4.3%
Lindsey Graham 129926 0.3%
Chris Christie 118831 3.3%
George Pataki 18324
Jim Gilmore ?? ??

So, what conclusions can you draw from this chart?

  • First, I’d argue that the “establishment” candidates are not doing well in polls or likes.  The top liked candidates are either non-politicians or the anti-establishment type.
  • Generally speaking, there’s some sort of correlation between likes and poll position.  The one exception is Jeb Bush.
  • Time in office/public eye doesn’t necessarily correlate with ranking of likes: See George Pataki and Lindsey Graham.

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