Firefighter on police officers: “we have [to] start putting them in body bags”

There has been an astounding degree of vitriol directed at America’s police officers in the wake of a series of controversial police-involved shootings.  Sometimes, the social media comments are well-reasoned, articulate and meant at creating dialogue and furthering a legitimate point.  Other times, the comments have been despicable.  For example, see the post below:


What makes this post truly horrifying that is Abdul-Rasheed is a firefighter in Fairfax County, Virginia.  The comments were made during the discussion of a police shooting in Michigan.

This, naturally, does not bode well for Abdul-Rasheed’s career; he has been suspended, with pay, pending an investigation into the comments.  In a Facebook conversation with, Abdul-Rasheed said the following:

im suck to my stomach with what is happening. …all i know is i fear for my sons lives….it just makes me upset and its unfair.

The distrust in these communities run deep.

but you know dave theyve wanted to fire me before….every since recruit school theyve slander my religion and name…theyve made up stories that people laughed and believed at…ive been called a terrorist in front of officers and nothing has been done about….this has been my life in the dept….but im alone in this

From the entirety of Abdul-Rasheed’s comments, he appears to be upset at his treatment within the department, but fails to adequately understand the significance of his Facebook comments.  Abdul-Rasheed is angry, and that anger is certainly coursing through much of America.  However, it is important to note that Abdul-Rasheed is not in trouble for feeling angry, but for expressing his anger in such an inappropriate manner.  People are entitled to feel whatever they want – however, once you go on social media and say that police officers should wind up in body bags, you are crossing a line.

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