“Act like a lady…think like a man” ~The most out of touch company ever

Did you ever wonder how NOT to celebrate Women’s Day?  Well, boy, have I got a blog entry for you!

Last week was National Women’s Day in South Africa.  Bic Pen’s took to their Facebook page to celebrate the occasion.  Here’s how they chose to do so:Bic Women

Uhh…Bic, I think you missed the point.

Originally, the company tried to explain:

The company deleted the original ad posted on Sunday and sought to explain that the quotes, taken from a “women in business” blog, and were meant “in the most empowering way possible and in no way derogatory towards women”.

That didn’t work, and Bic apologized:

Yeah, whoops is right.  In general, you celebrate a day dedicated towards a group of people by not making it sound like they have to “think like” someone else in order to get ahead.

This is also not the first time that Bic has gotten in trouble for gender-biased product creation and advertisement.  In 2012, the company created “Her” pens – yes, that’s right, a line of pens just for women – which was widely mocked by many, including Ellen DeGeneres.

I think that this was a classic case of social media not making a company stupider – just allowing the company a larger venue in which they could BE stupid.  Clearly, this wasn’t simply a social media fail, but rather a larger fail of judgement and values.  For a company to think this advertisement was a good idea is beyond comprehension, and it shows that their marking department needs a serious reexamination of their values and understanding of modern culture and norms.  In this case, social media simply provided the venue in which the company’ stupidity was demonstrated to the world.

Tweets and Consequences

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