Israeli minister posts video of migrant attacking Israeli…except it’s not

Ayelet Shaked is the Minister of Justice in Israel – a high level position that comes as part of the current ruling coalition.  She is no stranger to controversy; she has campaigned against illegal immigration and has previously endorsed and supported media which called Palestinian militant’s “snakes” and argued that every Palestinian is an “enemy.”  In the past, she has also been accused of calling for the genocide of the Palestinian people.

As part of her anti-illegal immigration advocacy, a few weeks ago, Shaked posted a video of a black migrant attacking an Israeli resident in Tel Aviv.  Yikes.

One problem, however: The video was not filmed in Israel.  Not even a little bit.  It was actually filmed in Turkey.

Naturally, Shaked deleted the video, and replaced it with another similar one.  She did admit that the original posting itself was a mistake, telling army radio that, “This was indeed an error.”

The controversy came as the Israeli High Court struck down a portion of law which allowed for illegal immigrants to be detained for up to 20 months without a trial.  Shaked had said that she would post a new video every two hours showing similar attacks, leading some to accuse her of trying to interfere with the Court’s decision on the immigration law.

When you are advocating for a position and using social media to do so, you sacrifice any semblance of credibility if you get your information wrong.  As has been proven countless times, it is far, far too easy to post inaccurate, incorrect information on social media.  Government officials, particularly when they are advocating for causes that they are passionate about, must take care to ensure that the information they use to support their causes is accurate.  Shaked clearly failed to do so here.

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