Police officer uses Facebook to discuss “annual Michael Brown bonus”

Hello everyone – we’re back!  I apologize for the delayed blog entries the past two weeks – as I said before, work and vacation made it difficult to publish – but we are back to our full time schedule now.  Thanks for sticking with the blog!

Today’s entry features another stupid comment from a police officer in the aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri.  Last week was the one year anniversary of Brown’s shooting, and unfortunately, some of the protests turned into rioting.  Naturally, there was an enhanced police presence in the city and surrounding area during this time.  One of those officers was Todd J. Bakula, known as T.J.  Officer Bakula made this genius post to Facebook:

Bakula Facebook Post

The “annual Michael Brown bonus” likely refers to overtime pay that Officer Bakula obtained for working in the Ferguson during the protests.  Officer Bakula is a police officer with the St. Louis County Police.  In an Email, Shawn McGuire of the St. Louis County Police said:

“We understand the post is controversial. The St Louis County police department takes these allegations very serious in every case. The remarks on the Facebook page will be investigated by our department.”

Clearly, referring to such a serious manner in such a callous way is exceptionally stupid and insensitive.  This post reiterates why all public officials – including law enforcement officers – need training in how they use social media.  I wish this was the first post that I made regarding the events of Ferguson and Michael Brown, but sadly, it is the latest of many.

Tweets and Consequences

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