Snapchat is the fastest growing social network ever: Pay attention

As noted by this infographic at SocialTimes, Snapchat is, quite literally, the fastest growing social network of all time.  While it has yet to make money, that can (and probably will) change in the future.  In other words: Pay attention to it.  All of you.

By the numbers, as of today, Snapchat has:

  • 200 million Monthly Active Users
  • 400 millions snaps sent, per day
  • 57% growth in 2014.

Those are impressive numbers, and far ahead of where Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were at comparable times in their existence.

The issue for Snapchat, more than anything else, is it’s demographics, which trend younger than every other social network:

Social Networks By Age

That will present a long-term challenge for growth, if the network cannot, eventually, spread to older demographics.  Also, by design, Snapchat does not integrate with other social networks or the internet, thus potentially cutting off its access to a built in audience.

I suspect, in the long-run, that Snapchat will become less oriented around sending texts/pictures that self-destruct, and move towards a more “traditional” social network model, and behave less like a typical messenger service.

By the way – for elected officials who are looking to connect with younger, non-traditional demographics, Snapchat is the place to be: a majority of its audience younger than 34. If those demographics start to trend towards an older direction…look out, everyone else.  Particularly Twitter.

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