After helicopter scandal, Australian Speaker’s Facebook cover photo is taken…from a helicopter

Bronwyn Bishop is the Speaker of the Australian House of Representatives.  She recently found herself in a bit of hot water when it was found that she spent roughly $5,000, in taxpayer dollars, to take a helicopter from Melbourne to Geelong in order to attend a political fundraiser.  After initially defending the move, the Speaker said that she would pay the money back.

Okay, fine.  But, as noted by Buzzfeed, the Speaker’s Facebook cover photo was, shall we say, a little tone deaf:

Bishop Cover Photo

The picture is of the Australian coast line…taken from a helicopter…of a golf course OH COME ON.

Well, at least some good memes have come out of this one.

According to the BuzzFeed article, the photograph has been Speaker Bishop’s cover photo since 2012, but someone on her staff should have realized that, in light of the scandal, the photo needed to be changed.  Would changing the photo be an “admission of guilt”?  Of course.  But, seeing how the Speaker herself already admitted guilt, that’s kind of a foregone conclusion.

Here’s the lesson: There are certain topics that every politician should never discuss or content you should never use.  For example, generally speaking, every elected official should avoid content which is racist, sexist, violent, offensive, etc.  However, each elected official should have a specific list of content which they avoid.  Speaker Bishop, for example, should never, ever, ever be seen near a helicopter.

In all fairness, it was probably a staffer who dropped the ball here, but this is certainly embarrassing.

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