Georgia County Commissioner responds to disgusting post with racism

As noted by 11Alive in Georgia, Newton County Commissioner John Douglas is in trouble responding to an abhorrent post with an abhorrent post of his own.

#NotMyFlag has been used by some to express their disgust for the United States.  Some have taken the trend to the point where they are literally taking pictures of themselves desecrating the American flag.  One such example is seen here:


Charming.  Good luck finding a job in the future.

Anyway, the picture above is obviously disgusting: the woman is pretending to wipe her rear with the American flag, while flipping the camera the bird.

The picture, by design, has people enraged, including Newton Commissioner John Douglas.  However, Douglas definitely went too far when he made the comment below:

John Douglas racist comment

And, we see the worst of humanity here.  One terrible post provokes even more.  Awful.

Anyway, when first confronted about his comment, Douglas actually tried to say it wasn’t him:  “I don’t know what happened, look at what she’s doing; I think that’s wrong.”

However, some time later, Douglas reversed course, saying:  “”My response is you need to go find out why she did that…If she apologizes for that, I’ll apologize for what I said.”

Other Commissioners blasted Douglas’ quote, with one saying, “Absolutely not [appropriate], I’m embarrassed by that frankly.”

Douglas later reversed course (again) and apologized, saying, “She baited me, and I took the bait. I made some very insensitive and derogatory comments…if anyone is offended, I am very, very sorry for using the wrong word in that posting. But having said that, I am not sorry for coming to the defense of our flag.”

A few closing points.  Posts like the #NotMyFlag picture, as seen above, are designed to rile us up.  It’s very difficult to not look at a picture like this and not become instantly enraged.  I think, however, that responding to a picture like this is beneath the dignity of a public official.  You give it credence and credibility by doing so.  I try to ignore posts like these.

Second, the response is obviously out of line.  It’s difficult to look more juvenile than the original poster here, but Commissioner Douglas found a way.

Third, if you do something like this, take responsibility.  As if Commissioner Douglass didn’t look stupid enough, he found a way to dig himself deeper by trying to deny that the comments were his, only to reverse course shortly afterwards.  If you’re going to be a racist, sexist putz, at least be brave enough to take responsibility for your words.

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