The best time to post on Facebook and Twitter…doesn’t exist

This has been a pet peeve of mine for a while now: If I see one more post which claims to know, for certain, the best time to post on Facebook or Twitter, I’m worried my head my explode.

Why?  Because such a magical, mystical, uniform time does not exist.  In fact, experts” and studies have all drawn different conclusions about what times work best.

Check out these links.  In terms of Facebook, this infographic says that Thursday and Friday are the best days of the week to post, this one says go for Wednesday’s at 3pm, and this one says after work (which, incidentally, is the exact opposite of the previous two links).  Similar conflicting information exist for Twitter, Instagram, and pretty much every social network.

So, why is there such a disparity of information here?  Why do multiple studies not agree?

Well, because every audience is different, and different audiences obviously come complete with differing patterns of online activity and social media consumption.  As a result, no two audience is the same, and no two audience has a “best time.”

How do you then determine your best time for posting?  Well, you have to do the leg-work yourself.  Facebook and Twitter now each come complete with their own analytics, and using those analytics, you can determine when your audience is online, what time period is the best for making uploads, and what time your entries typically do the best.

In other words: You can’t go by a uniform study, because there’s no such thing.  Perhaps links like the one above can provide some insight about general trends, but there is no way you can read them as specific to you, your audience, or your needs.  For that, you have to do the leg work to determine what times work best for you.

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