Another volunteer firefighter in trouble after racist Facebook post

A little while ago, I wrote about Kurtis Cook, a volunteer firefighter who was fired from his position after he made a Facebook post which appeared to praise Charleston shooter Dylann Storm Roof.  Unfortunately, I have to write today about another volunteer firefighter who is also in trouble for his blatantly racist Facebook use.

Today’s post comes from Dewayne Hall, who was a volunteer firefighter in Richland, Mississippi.  Hall posted a picture to Facebook which featured a picture of the KKK flag, with the caption “White power will never die.”

Yeah, that didn’t go well.

Hall was placed on administrative leave.  In a statement, the Richland fire chief said:

“We are aware of the issue and are looking into the matter in more detail. AMR does not tolerate discrimination of any kind and the actions of this person are not representative of the thousands of dedicated paramedics and EMTs who take care of our patients every day.”

For Hall’s part, he said he was making the statement in response to the controversy surrounding the Mississippi state flag:

Mississippi State Flag

Specifically, Hall said:

“If it offends someone by all means I apologize that it offends anyone, but they got to look at the heritage side of it versus the hate side.”

For the life of me, I don’t understand this.  Actually, that’s not true, I do.  I think that, for the vast majority of people, discussions of white “heritage” are just code for hate and racism.  This is pretty clear, based on Hall’s post.  On what planet is the KKK considered to be part of white “heritage,” unless it’s with a blatantly racist subtext?  I’m white, and I sure as hell don’t consider this to be part of my heritage.  Clearly, Hall wasn’t discussing white “heritage,” unless he meant to do so in a blatantly racist way.

As for the Facebook post…yeah.  It was obviously racist, and the consequences of such a post are obvious.

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