Washington State Mayor asked to resign over racist Facebook posts

Patrick Rushing is the Mayor of Airway Heights, Washington, a suburb of Spokane.  The Mayor is in trouble after a series of incredibly racist Facebook posts.  The one in question features Rushing calling Michelle Obama “gorilla faced.” Specifically, Rushing wrote:

“Gorilla face Michelle, can’t disagree with that. The woman is not attractive except to monkey man Barack. Check out them ears. LOL.”

One website has assembled an astounding +75 racially charged, or blatantly racist posts.  These include:

Just to reiterate, this man is the Mayor if his municipality, and was actually elected Mayor by his peers.  The full website is worth checking out for it’s insanity.

Thankfully, the rest of Airway Heights is not insane.  It’s City Council passed a resolution expressing it’s displeasure with the Mayor and asking him to resign.  The Deputy City Manager and Policy Chief also joined in in calling for Rushing’s resignation, with Police Chief Lee Bennett saying, “I can tell you that in the matter of public opinion they were racist (comments). When you become a public figure I’m no longer Lee Bennett citizen.”

Chief Bennett, of course, is totally accurate: no elected official is ever just an elected official, and everything that we do, we do in the capacity of an office holder.  Mayor Rushing has apologized for his remarks but refused to resign, saying, “I made a mistake. I owned up to my mistake. If I do resign that’s admitting I’m a racist and I’m not.”

One of the things about the digital world is that the evidence is EVERYWHERE, and never goes away.  Rushing is, in fact, a racist, among many, many other negative traits.

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