Don’t block your opponents

This is just a silly, unforced error.

George Osborne is a Member of Parliament in England; he is part of the Conservative Party.  Apparently, he’s no fan of the Liberal Democratic party, because when it comes to Twitter, the Liberal Democratic party recently made this post:

Seriously?  What is this, 10th grade?

As noted by Buzzfeed, the Liberal Democratic party recently used their Twitter account to mock Osborne.  That being said, there’s nothing surprising about the press account for a party mocking members of the opposition – honestly, that’s half of what they do.  It makes no sense that Osborne would appear to have such a thin skin and give the Liberal Democrats an easy talking point against him.

If I’ve learned anything during my time in public office, it’s that you have to have a thick skin.  It’s not necessarily fun, but it’s life.  At the same time:

1) Blocking your opponents doesn’t actually do anything – all they need to do is sign out and they can see your content.

2) If you are tired of reading attacks on you, you can “mute” people on Twitter – this means that they will be removed from your mentions feed, as well as your timeline – and the other person won’t be any the wiser.  I don’t recommend this for politicians – I think it’s best to read what others are saying about you, even if it’s nasty, but mute is certainly preferable to blocking someone.

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