Alabama County official: Republicans are scary clowns/Confederate flag waivers

Janet Buskey is the elected County Revenue Commissioner (D) in Montgomery County, Alabama.  She also is making news for this Facebook post:

Janet Buskeyjpg

So, Ms. Buskey apparently thinks that Republicans are Confederate, flag waiving clowns and the among the three scariest things on earth, along with racists (armed or not) and homophobes.  Considering that there are other elected Republicans in Montgomery County, this probably wasn’t the swiftest post to make, to put it mildly.

Obviously, other Republicans in the area were less than pleased with Buskey’s post.  Said Commissioner Ronda Walker, a Republican: “What she did was wrong, the wrong thing to do. Am I offended by it? No, I’m no offended by it because I don’t consider myself a racist, homophobic clown, although I am a Republican.”

Buskey released a long statement in which she expresses regret for her comments:

“There is no doubt that I inartfully stated some personal concerns I have in a very broad-brush and partisan manner.  I certainly regret the manner in which I articulated my personal concerns but wanted to convey to the citizens of Montgomery County, Alabama that as Revenue Commissioner I have and I will always honor my oath of office.”

Buskey also deleted the post.

As an elected official, the only people who could hold Buskey responsible for her comments is the public; however, Commissioner Walker and others noted that the issue would likely be brought up at the next County Commissioner meeting.

I’m not sure what inspired such an angry post from an elected official, but it goes without saying that this was a bad call.  You never make such personal, nasty attacks on another party simply because of your opposition to them, and it is certainly unfair to categorize any political party member in the same company as racists and homophobes.  Think before you post!

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